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UK Drupal training courses by a qualified teacher

We’ve developed a Drupal training syllabus which covers the core requirements for anyone who wishes to learn how to use Drupal.

Nick Abbott - Head of Drupal Training 

i-KOS'Drupal training courses are designed to cover the core skills and best practices for the whole Drupal web development lifecycle.

Recognised as UK's leading Drupal training agency and also an Acquia Authorised Training Partner, our training material is distilled from real-world experience, acquired over the years, during which we have built many of the UK’s largest Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites.

We’ve developed a syllabus that caters for absolutely anyone who wishes to learn Drupal, regardless of their technical skills. We have Drupal training courses ranging from a two-hour taster workshops to four-day intensive Drupal boot camps for developers who wish to make the transition to Drupal and onward to full-featured e-commerce. i-KOS' Drupal Training Courses are led by Nick Abbott a long time qualified teacher and open source evangelist. 

You can book a Drupal Training courses in our London training academy using the enquiry form below. We also run Drupal Training courses in Scotland and other major cities in the UK.

In short, we’ll take your front and back end developers from zero to hero in just 24 hours.

This one day Drupal 7 course caters for strategic planners, looking to make the transition to the Drupal framework

A one day Drupal 7 course catering for Drupal developers looking to reinforce and extend their skills, with solutions to real day-to-day scenarios and challenges

A practical one day Drupal 7 course catering for existing Drupal developers who need to better understand the Drupal theme layer, and how to work with it effectively.

Drupal Commerce training Drupal Developer boot camp is a two day course, empowering you to properly understand all the essential elements of the Drupal Commerce suite of modules and how they interact.

A four day intensive practical Drupal 7 training course catering for experienced web developers who need to make the transition to using the Drupal framework.

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